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以售卖传统式酿豆腐 ,鲜蛤咖喱面,鲜甜清汤面以各式小吃和糖水为主。
创办人 “伍师傅与太太” 秉持着对美食的喜好与执着,从选食材到熬汤烹制,都由夫妇俩一手包办,绝对品质保证
一年一度的 “特色鱼腐私房盆菜” 也成为了销量最火爆的产品之一
The “Master Ng Recipe” started at OUG, Old Klang Road, KL in 1987 with a history of more than 30 years. It was just a shabby stall without signage back then, selling mainly traditional Yong taufu, fresh clam curry noodles, clear soup noodles, local snacks and Chinese dessert soup. The shabby stall was the support system to the family.
With the attitude of zero-tolerance to the quality and taste of food, the founders “Master Ng and his wife” involved in every steps from the selection of ingredients to the preparation of food ensuring absolute quality.
Curry noodles was the signature dish. The special rich curry soup with fresh ingredients does not only allow the nearby residents enjoy endless aftertastes, but also attracted diners heard from little birds came all the way from far. However, the shabby stall was forced to close down due to relocation of the family.
Even so, Master Ng’s love for food did not stop, the couple continue to launch a variety of family style dishes and sell it in wholesale manner.
Currently, “Master Ng Recipe” has passed on to the second generation, the company and centralized kitchen is formally established in 2016. The selling was concentrated online and live sessions on social media platforms. The unique flavor of curry paste and “yu fu” are the most preferred among diners.
The “Special Yu Fu Private Kitchen Poon Choi” which is available once a year during Chinese New Year has also become one of the most wanted dish.
In order to let more people to enjoy our food, the the first store of Master Ng@Sevenstar is opening now.
Master Ng@Sevenstar does not only serves traditional taste, but also insist on the use of fresh ingredients, non- preservatives, high-quality cooking skills, it is a thoughtful one-stop diversified gourmet concept